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Join the DGA as an Assistant Director, Earn a Masters Degree in Brewing from UC Davis.


Camping, Hiking, Home Brewing, Photography, Running.

About Me

My name is Nick Moyer and I am a freelancer currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I am originally from Pennsylvania and I graduated from Penn State University in the spring of 2010 with my degree in Film/Video. My main focus is on video production as well as web development and design. When I am not working with media, I am home brewing craft beers at home.

Production Assistant

I have over 10 years experience on various different kinds of projects ranging from Feature Films to Corporate. Most of my production experience comes from New York City which has taught me to work efficiently and quickly.


I have experience personally shooting interviews, tutorials, product demonstrations, and several other types of videos. Both of my full time positions after college focused mainly on shooting video and then editing the footage that I shot.

Web Developer

I've had Web Development has been a hobby of mine since 2000 when my family got it's first computer. My specialties are building mobile first responsive web designs as well as Wordpress themes.

My Skills

I have a wide range of skills on the computer. Most of my experience is with computer programs but I have been able to teach myself a few web programming languages as well.

Video Editing Software

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro

Web Development/Design

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • jQuery

My Resume

This is my video production resume which highlights my work as a Production Assistant on various projects.

Download Production Resume

My Education

After graduating from high school in 2006, I decided to continue my education at Penn State University.

After I graduated college, I decided to take a few online courses in different areas of emerging media as well.

All of my education can be found in this section of my website.

Film/Video Degree (BA)

Penn State University / Sept 2006 - May 2010

3.21 GPA

While at Penn State University, I had several production classes that ranged from scriptwriting to shooting and producing various types of projects. I took the alternative route of classes so I also experienced documentary as well as experimental production. This gave me well rounded experience with all different types of production while I studied at Penn State University.

Web Design (Certificate)

Excel With Business / Feb 2014


The Web Design Certificate that is offered by Excel With Business was very informative on how to work with clients as well as developing tools to make the process of web design simpler and more streamlined. Courses included optimization, User Interface Design, Social Networking Integration, eCommerce, etc.

App Design (Certificate)

Excel With Business / Aug 2013


The Design App Certificate that is offered by Excel With Business was a great place to learn the basics about App Designing today. It was a great resources to learn how to work as a freelance app designer as well as how to integrate different functions into your app. Courses included Marketing, App Design, User Interface, etc.

Work Experience

Over the years I have had several different kinds of jobs both freelance and full-time. I have broken these jobs down into several categories below. If you click on each type of job, you will see the projects I have worked on for that particular category.

The Founder (Feature)

Additional Production Assistant / June 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

2 Days | About The Founder Behinds The Scene of Porsche Article (Corporate)

Additional Production Assistant / May 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

2 Day Shoot

Rings (Feature)

Additional Production Assistant / May 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

2 Days | About Rings

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip (Feature)

Set Production Assistant / March 2015 - May 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

43 Days | About Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip

Brothers in Atlanta (Pilot)

Additional Production Assistant / March 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

2 Days | About Brothers in Atlanta

The Originals (Season 2)

Additional Production Assistant / March 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

1 Day | About The Originals

The Accountant (Feature)

Additional Production Assistant / Feb 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

1 Day | About The Accountant

Shaq Inc. (Pilot)

Set Production Assistant / Feb 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

3 Day Shoot

Data Privacy Day (Live Video Stream)

Set Production Assistant / Jan 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

1 Day Shoot

Powers (Season 1)

Additional Production Assistant / Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 / Atlanta, Georgia

25+ Days | About Powers

The Fifth Wave (Feature)

Additional Production Assistant / Dec 2014 / Atlanta, Georgia

2 Days | About The Fifth Wave

Complications (Season 1)

Additional Production Assistant / Dec 2014 / Atlanta, Georgia

2 Days | About Complications

Bad Blood (Feature)

Additional Production Assistant / Oct 2014 / Atlanta, Georgia

1 Day

AllState Market Research (Corporate)

Production Assistant / Oct 2014 / Atlanta, Georgia

10 Days

Hindsight (Season 1)

Additional Production Assistant / Sept 2014 / Atlanta, Georgia

1 Day | About Hindsight

Westward Expansion (Short)

Production Assistant / May 2014 / New York City, New York

1 Day Shoot

Wild Wild Upper West (Short)

Production Assistant / Aug 2013 / New York City, New York

1 Day Shoot | About Wild Wild Upper West

Killer Apartment (Short)

Production Assistant / May 2013 / New York City, New York

1 Day Shoot

The Living (Feature)

Production Assistant / April 2013 / Reading, Pennsylvania

15+ Days | About The Living

Born This Way Foundation: Anti-Bullying Campaign (Commercial)

Production Assistant / May 2012 / New York City, New York

2 Day Shoot

A Convenient Truth (Feature)

Production Assistant / Aug 2011 - Sept 2011 / New York City, New York

20+ Days | About A Convenient Truth

The Slide Effect (Infomercial)

Production Assistant / Jan 2011 / New York City, New York

2 Day Shoot

Extreme Home Makeover (Season 8 Episode 5)

Additional Production Assistant / July 2010 - Aug 2010 / Hamburg, Pennsylvania

10 Day | About Extreme Home Makeover

Camp Woodward (Season 4)

Production Assistant / June 2010 - July 2010 / Woodward, Pennsylvania

15+ Days | About Camp Woodward

Unstoppable (Feature)

Additional Production Assistant / Sept 2009 - Nov 2009 / Northern Pennsylvania

5 Day | About Unstoppable

Reading Health Systems

Media Specialist / April 2012 - Aug 2014

2.3 Years | Visit

Working as a Media Specialist at Reading Health Systems involved a lot of video recording Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars and lectures along with troubleshooting A/V equipment in the conference center as well as equipment throughout the hospital and organization. My main task was to organize and keep the CME video catalog up to date using a service called MediaSite. This involved video recording all CME lectures, usually 3-5 a week, and uploading them to the server. After the videos were uploaded to the server, I then would share the links to the appropriate departments. The MediaSite server also doubled as a live streaming service, so I also had to make sure the lectures were being streamed correctly to the individuals who were unable to attend the lectures in person.

Another major task of mine was organizing and troubleshooting video conferences that would happen on a daily and weekly basis across the organization. These video conferences would allow Reading Health Systems to communicate with various regional health systems on specialties ranging from plastic surgery to heart failure.

Photo/Video Department Head / Sept 2010 - April 2012

1.6 Years | Visit

Video Intern: I was first hired at as a video intern. I was the first person ever at the company to work in the newly created video department. My job mainly consisted of shooting and editing product videos that would go on the website for SEO purposes.

Video Specialist: Eventually, I was promoted to a full time employee which came with some more responsibilities. I now was in charge of building a video infrastructure from the ground up to better fit our needs with SEO. This involved using the Akamai Dynamic Streaming solution in conjunction with our website to deliver self hosted video content. Another new task I was given was to build up our social media presence by adding video content. This included User Generated Content as well as videos that were more humorous to viewers.

Photo/Video Department Head: Lastly, I was promoted to run both the Photo and Video Departments within the organization. This involved hiring additional interns in the photo department as well as a replacement for myself in the video department. I oversaw up to 10 interns at any given day and was in charge of various reports that tracked missing images on the website, images for new products, etc. While in this position, I was able to streamline the work flow of the photo department which lead to fewer missing images on the website as a whole. I also now assisted in the producing of different videos that went on our website as well as our social networking profiles.

Reading Health Systems

Media Specialist / April 2012 - Aug 2014

2.3 Years

Video production at Reading Health Systems was mostly for in house education purposes. This involved video shoots mostly for instructional purposes for the nurses on each floor or could also involve a production for a department to pass along changes that were occurring in the hospital with different protocols.

2013 Mt. Gretna Bouldering Comp

Videographer/Editor / Nov 2013

1 Day Shoot | View This Project

This video was created to show the sponsors of the event the great turn out that came to the 3rd Annual Bouldering Competition in Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania. This video was also used to highlights the variety of different boulderers that competed as well as piece to help promote the event for following years.

Photo/Video Department Head / Sept 2010 - April 2012

1.6 Years

Video created at were mostly instructional as well as product description videos. The main idea behind the production of these videos was to drive SEO to the product pages. Most of the product description videos were under 2 minutes while the instructional videos ranged from a minute up to 5 minutes. The videos helped the visitors understand the products they were about to purchase through the website.

Reading Health Systems

Media Specialist / April 2012 - Aug 2014

2.3 Years | View This Project

The PubMed Searching Tutorial Tree was a project to help assist the residents of Reading Health Systems understand how to use the PubMed resources that they were given. This website involved videos as well as descriptions of each step of the process when it came to finding PubMed articles for their research.

Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.

- Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)


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